Tax Debt Solutions

This the IRS’s foremost and only tax settlement program.  If you do not have assets or income sufficient to pay them in full this could be your best option.  Click above image to learn more.

The IRS’s most used tactic to collect back tax debts is the garnishment of wages or the levy of bank accounts.  In almost all cases I can get a garnishment released before your next pay period.  Click above image to learn more.

If you do not qualify for a tax settlement through the IRS Offer in Compromise program one of your options is to negotiate a long term payment agreement.  Setting the monthly payment at an amount you can afford is where the assistance of a tax attorney can be very helpful.  Click above image to learn more.

If you do not qualify to an IRS settlement through their Offer in Compromise program and you cannot afford to make monthly payments this is the program for you.  I’ll negotiate your collection file into a currently not collectible status and the IRS will leave you alone for two years.  Click above image to learn more.

If you tried your best to meet your IRS payment and filing obligations but despite these efforts you could not due to circumstances beyond your control the IRS will remove or abate the penalties on your account.  Click above image to learn more.

If you have filed a joint tax return and been assessed taxes because of your spouses income or fraud in preparing the joint tax return you could be released from liability through the IRS Innocent Spouse program.  In almost all cases where you were forced to sign a tax return under physical or emotional distress you will be released from liability.  Click above image to learn more.

If you received the dreaded IRS audit letter stating that your tax return has been chose for examination or proposed tax increase you should sit down with a tax attorney immediately to review your situation.  Click above image to learn more.

As a full service tax law firm I do prepare many individual and business tax returns each year.  If you’re needing to settle an IRS tax debt you will need to file all missing returns going back 6 years.  I specialize in recreating these returns.  Click above image to learn more.

The collection of back employment and payroll taxes is the IRS’s #1 priority.  If you owe payroll taxes they are going to be after you quickly and aggressively.  Unless you can pay them in full and in a short amount of time you need to sit down with a tax attorney as soon as possible.  Click above image to learn more.

The IRS can go after owners and officers of business that owe back payroll taxes personally through the Trust Fund Recovery Penalty Act.  This law allows them to pierce the corporate veil and assess responsible persons in the business personally for amounts withheld from employees and not turned over to the IRS.  Click above image to learn more.

If you need to buy or sell an asset with a Federal Tax Lien filed against it you would be wise to consult with a tax attorney.  There are a few options for making the sale happen or getting the lien removed.  Click above image to learn more.

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