Releasing IRS Wage Garnishments and Bank Levies

Releasing IRS Levies and Garnishments

If you have had your paycheck garnished by the IRS, or have had your bank account or other assets levied (seized), you need a Tax Attorney more than ever (and fast!).

When a client hires me and is facing one of these issues, their case will receive priority treatment and become my sole focus until the IRS Levy or Garnishment is released and your file is completely stabilized.

I can always release a levy or garnishment, without filing bankruptcy — it’s usually just a question of how quickly I can get it done. In most cases I will have your IRS levy released within a couple of days.

How Do You Release an IRS Levy or IRS Garnishment?

To put it simply, you make other arrangements with the IRS. You either get set up on a payment plan or get your account placed into currently not collectible status.

Filing an Offer in Compromise will prevent any new levies or garnishments from being issued, but it will not automatically release any garnishments or levies that are already in place. If you qualify for an Offer in Compromise, the best strategy is usually to get collections to place your account into currently not collectible to get the levy or garnishment released and then file an Offer in Compromise.

Of course, requesting a payment plan, getting placed into currently not collectible status, or filing an Offer in Compromise all require that you have filed all of your tax returns.

If you have any unfiled or missing tax returns, I will need to prepare and file those before we have any hope of getting your levy or garnishment released. That will be my #1 priority, and I can prepare those returns for you fast!

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You only have 21 days to negotiate the release of a bank account levy, and most payroll departments need a wage levy / garnishment release order three to four days before they process your next payroll.

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