IRS Innocent Spouse Relief

Innocent Spouse Relief

Innocent Spouse Relief is an IRS program that is designed to relieve one spouse of liability from a jointly filed return.

If the IRS approves a request for innocent spouse relief, the joint liability will be removed from your social security number except to the extent that you would have owed tax on your own income. You will not be liable for your spouse (or ex-spouse)’s fair share of the debt.

The IRS recently relaxed their rules for the Innocent Spouse Program: previously, you could only request Innocent Spouse Relief within two years of the date that the IRS originally began Collection efforts against you. Now, the IRS has eliminated the two-year rule and there is no time limit to request relief.

This means that there are many people who may not have qualified for Innocent Spouse Relief in the past, solely because of the time limits, who know do qualify. If you fall into this category, contact me to explore what new options are available under the new rules.

If you are unfairly being held liable for your spouse’s tax debt, you should call me and go through our Free Consultation. I will review the specifics of your case and let you know if you have an opportunity for Innocent Spouse Relief.

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