Current and Back Tax Return Preparation and Advising

Tax Return Preparation

A Tax Attorney may not be the first person that you consider going to for the preparation of your tax returns. However, I have been preparing tax returns for my clients for over 8 years at prices that are comparable to an unlicensed tax preparer at one of those shops that you see on TV.


Preparing Past Due Tax Returns

I constantly prepare tax returns that are past due for clients as well. Many clients come to me and haven’t filed a tax return in 5, 10, sometimes 20 years! I have a full reference library and tax software that allows me to prepare tax returns from as far as back as you will ever need.

Can’t Find Your Records?

No problem! The first thing that we can do is call the IRS and obtain copies of your Wage and Income transcripts. These will show us everything that was reported to you, including your W-2’s, mortgage interest statements, etc.

The Wage and Income transcripts are typically enough to give us a really good start on your return; sometimes they are the only thing that we need to complete the return.

Take the Next Step

Whether you need tax returns prepared for just this year, or you need ten years worth done for you, I invite you to call me at (303) 376-6267 and discuss your needs. You can also use the “Contact Me” form below, or email me at john@cotaxattorney.com